New email system for Anatolia and ACT students
by Tzouris Dimitris - Tuesday, 16 September 2008, 12:26 am
  We're very happy to announce the new student email system for Anatolia and ACT. The new student web mail is provided to us by Google's Gmail service, offering more than 7 GB of storage per student (and counting...) Google also provides other services such as the Calendar, Docs, Sites, the Start Page and more.

Please make a note that from now on all student email for Anatolia students look like this: <ID number> (e.g.

ACT student email looks like this: <ID number> (e.g.

Mass email to ACT students can be done on a course basis through Moodle, or widely using the email list.

Students can access the new web mail service by clicking on the following links:

Anatolia students:
ACT students: